“I wish there were more places like OFA. I had attended other programs in different places before but I couldn’t seem to connect with things. I always felt dumb like I didn’t get the simplest things. At OFA they taught me skills and helped me realize my strengths but more than that, they taught by example. And then I knew what was missing for me in the other programs I went through. The staff at OFA understood and there were many times I didn’t even have to explain. They just understood.”


“I had been running for longer than I can remember. I spent my life running from torture in my homeland and then running from abuse when I came here and married a person that hurt me just because of who I was. You don’t know how it felt the first time the staff at OFA told me it was ok to stop running for a while. They gave me back myself”


“If you had told me two years ago that I would be living the life I could only dream about I would have said it was impossible. My self confidence was gone and I was alone since my children were taken. OFA showed me that every day is a chance to start a new life and that each day is not too late to get and take control of my life. I thought I was incapable of being honest with myself. I came to OFA expecting to have to put on a false face of who I was.

The very first day there, one of the staff saw me outside and probably thought I was lost – I guess I was. They came out to ask me if I needed anything to tell me it was ok to take my time to come in. It has been almost 3 years since the day I walked into OFA and today I have my children back, I am in a drug rehab recovery program, I went back to school for retraining and I have a job. I contribute to society and pay my own way. I can’t believe how good this feels.”