OFA offers assistance and support for women who want to change their lives.

The majority of women who come to OFA come as a result of living in poverty or experiencing barriers to achieving independence.

We believe that everyone is capable of achieving their goals and of changing their lives and we recognize the effect that social conditions and economic structures have on the ability of women to make those changes happen. Frequently, what women need most to help them achieve success are support, access to resources, information and practical tools. We provide these tools at OFA.

Women learn skills that assist them in the short and long term to develop confidence and personal well-being, that in turn can increase their opportunities for economic independence. We help women recognize their strengths and actively seek to build upon those strengths. At OFA we actively evaluate our programs, especially our group work model to meet the constantly changing needs of the populations we serve.

Opportunity For Advancement has been a leader in the development of feminist group work models that address personal issues within a broader social context. Our approach recognizes both the strengths of individuals and the support that comes from the group process. Our programs work with participants to build self-esteem, reduce social isolation, explore the roots of problem situations, learn and share information and skills, and set and achieve new goals.